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maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

Absence of something good

Mourning is an inevitable part of our life. If something good is missing in your life, you can probably find your emotions on the southwards pointing emotion scale called ABSENCE OF SOMETHING GOOD explaining the process of mourning. This scale makes an exception to the structure of the chart of emotions by going towards to the center as times go by. Mourning disappears little by little but other subtle feelings stay to reminder you of the loss.

"MOKRA", Brazil
This emotion scale consists of desertion, sadness and irritation. Let me explain a little bit. First you realize that something, which means a lot for you, is missing. Then follows active time of mourning. It may consist of very different mourning patterns, you can read more from the following website :

After successfully mourning you may still feel irritated when something quite similar to your loss appears to your sight.

The whole emotion scale of ABSENCE OF SOMETHING GOOD in details on the SDG*Chart of Emotions goes from the utterly southest point of the chart to the middle as follows. These emotions are based on short inhale :


During active mourning session, which may last even a couple of years, you may feel very many different emotions from anger and rage to guilt. It´s quite normal.

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