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maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

Emotions in Bible

Emotions in the Bible? You can´t find word ”emotion ” in the Bible. Neither you can´t find there any direct expressions of “the Trinity”. Though the Bible is telling quite a lot about both of those items. You can find more information about emotions in the Bible on the website :
Just now I´m reading through the Bible underlining every emotional expression. You can´t believe how much the Bible tells about emotions. Especially the Psalms are full of feelings and affections. So if you want to have examples of very passionate emotional expression you ought to read the Psalms. Other Scriptures dealing with emotions can be read on the following web address :

Please notice that SDG*Chart of Emotions is Christ-centered although I think that the Bible is the most reliable source in the case you´d like to learn to know your emotions. Forgiving for Christ´s sake gives us peace in our hearts. It makes our everyday emotional burdens lighter to carry.

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