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maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

It´s useful to name your emotions

After reading to following link you´ll find out, what kind of consequencies naming emotions may cause.

Here comes some other reasons why it would be reasonable to study the chart of emotions:

1) Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been found even more important factor to a succesful living than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Naming emotions (or perceiving emotions and identifying them) is the basic element in EI. That´s why the Chart of Emotions has been created.

2)Human beings get lots of psychosomatic symptoms because of not live-through their emotions. The aim of many therapies is to let them realize their emotions - to learn to name their emotions first.

3)Many people have huge difficulties to say more than "I feel bad" or "I feel great".

"Not being able to ACCURATELY articulate our and other´s feelings can lead to frustration and a reluctance to communicate".

"If you can see the emotion, then you can respond appropriately to it."

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