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maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013


Welcome to the world of emotions!
Here below you can see THE MAIN EMOTIONS of the SDG Chart of Emotions.

LOVE is written for shorten the word AFFECTION.

Please notice, that the opposite emotions can always be found on the other side of the central point.

When finding the words for the inner feelings they are possible to handle and they will have less effect in the daily life. The positive emotions even grow stronger when expressing them.
1345724332_img-fe70a875a9e7443d073ff0a17 Arto Auranen

To go a little bit deeper - here comes a short summary of the basic emotions, you can find on the SDG*Chart of emotions. By clicking the following red texts in this summary you can read more about these eight emotion scales in detail. The letter in parentheses indicates the direction of the scale (North, East, South, West):

SATISFACTORY RELATIONSHIP (E) consists of openness, affection and connection.

UNSATISFACTORY RELATIONSHIP (W) consists of injustice, hatred and rage.
PRESENCE OF SOMETHING GOOD (N) consists of closeness, happiness and joy.
ABSENCE OF SOMETHING GOOD (S) consists of desertion, sadness and irritation.
PURSUIT (N-W) consists of expectation, admiration and fanaticism
GIVING UP (S-E) consists of disappointment, disgust and exhaustion.

DOING RIGHT (N-E) consists of responsibility, daring and energy.
DOING WRONG (S-W)consists of quilt, fear and horror.
It´s also useful to learn by heart the following counter emotions written in capital letters to get overview of this chart of emotion.


(When feeling envy man wants something desperately, but when somebody feels shame it is a situation when man is willing to get rid of something.)


Love does not exist on this more detailed Chart of Emotions, because I think love more as an commitment. It is written in the Bible that “God is love” (1.John 4:8) and “Love never fails” (1. Cor. 13:8). All the emotions instead are changeable – like clouds in the sky.
To get out more of this SDG Chart of Emotions it is most recommendable to fix the copy of it somewhere you can scan it daily with your eyes. 
The explanation for the Chart of Emotions will give you further information, that helps you when diving in the ocean of emotions.
For example you can read about near emotions as follows :
“Each emotion is surrounded by near emotions in connection with it by two or three circles.”

To make this more realistic let´s take emotion “dependence” in the direction of half past three on the fifth circle from the hub. Then you can find the following emotions surrounding dependence on the chart :

Inferioriy, shame, need, affection, pleasure, connection, fascination and adaptability.

Most of these emotions are familiar to a person who is addicted. When finding the words for the inner feelings they are possible to handle and they will have less effect in the daily life.. The positive emotions even grow stronger when expressing them  These  are  the main points of this SDG Chart of Emotions.

SDG stands for "Soli Deo gloria" which means "Glory to God alone".

The positive  emotions situated mainly on the upper right corner may activate  the parasympathetic nervous system.   I dare to make that kind of hypotheses, because when those emotions dominate is exhale longer than inhale  - based on my own experiences.  Longer exhale  reactivates PNS in turn.  You can find positive emotions on the emotion scales called : pursuit, presence of something good, doing right and satisfactory relationship.


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